Camp Bimini

Message from the Coordinator

Hello Bimini Friends!

Put friends first to make friends last–
On this you can depend.
Through thin or thick, you’ll be my pick–
You’ll always be my friend.

Bimini friends are always friends,
Who always will be near.
Through Jesus Christ we’re a family
To last all through the years.

 Since 1947, Camp Bimini has been offering memorable camping experiences for young and old alike. Our adventures in nature, sports, crafts, music, swimming, campfires and more encourage staff, campers and volunteers to play, to laugh, to learn, to love, to sing, to grow, to teach, to create and to simply be.

The well-being of children and adults can be linked to the amount of time spent in nature: The more time spent, the better off we all are. God’s creation is so vibrant and dynamic at Bimini. Bimini is an awesome and awe-filled place and space.

We are energized for the upcoming season at Camp Bimini and all that we will be offering our campers, staff and volunteers. We are energized, too, for what our campers, staff and volunteers will be sharing with each other. Friends are always nearby and times of discovery and opportunities to do familiar and new things are always there. We look forward to all the adventure, discovery, fun and friendships.  While you are at Bimini, we will remind you, too, that you are indeed a precious child of God.

Remind yourself of those words we sing: “Bimini friends are always friends”.   We hope you experience that.


Carol Young, Coordinator



Jayne and Amanda both attended Camp Bimini as camper and have spent many years as staff members at Camp Bimini too.  We are very excited for their dedication, leadership, creativity, kindness, openness and passion for United Church camping.

From Amanda: “I am so happy to be able to help create the amazing experience that is Camp Bimini this summer! Bimini is a place that has always held my heart and I can’t wait to share that magic with the rest of our wonderful staff and campers!”

From Jayne:  “I am so excited to return to Bimini this summer and be surrounded by nature, laughter, and fellowship! My favourite part of any summer at camp is getting to know all the incredible campers who spend a week with us at the best place on Earth, so I can’t wait to meet all of you!”