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Alternative Gift Ideas

GIFT OF CAMP: Each hour, day and week we live, play, eat and work together, living in a Christian community where everyone feels loved and valued for who they are.  Every child, teenager and adult wants, needs and deserves this.  We invite you to be a part of a child’s time at Camp Bimini.   Here are some testimonies from some of the kids who come to camp through the Gift of Camp program:

  • “Thank you!  That was the best week of my life!  I will NEVER forget it.” (this camper has a chore jar at home now with the hopes of doing enough chores for people to save enough money to go in the future—she has paid for herself for two years since that first time)
  • “I’ve never had soooo many friends before!  Everyone liked me.  They didn’t know I’m not a good reader.  It was soooooo much fun.”
  • “I really liked Vespers.  I’d never got to know about God before and now I do.  I know that if I’m having a really bad day, God is still there for me.”
  • “My week at Camp Bimini was so fun.  I met new friends, did new things and had fun.  Thank you for giving me a chance.”

Every kid deserves a chance.  A chance to experience camp.  A chance to create and sing and laugh.  A chance to be independent and responsible.  A chance to love and be loved.  A chance to grow.  The registration fee for a week of camp is a challenge for some families so your gift of $120.00 will help one child with the registration for camp for one day and a $60.00 gift will help for one half day.  Together all our gifts will make a difference. 

If interested in purchasing this gift, please contact us with the amount of your gift. We will accept cheque, cash or etransfer for payment. A card (digital or physical) will be provided for you to give to the recipient. As the giver, you will receive a charitable receipt.